Jake Armstrong
Head Baseball Instructor

What do you enjoy most about coaching?
There are a couple things that give me enjoyment from coaching DiamondFit athletes. When working with younger kids it’s really satisfying to see them having fun and just learning the game of baseball. When working with the older kids, I get excited when something clicks during their swing and they have this “that’s how you do it” look on their face. Or a “good gravy that ball was crushed” look.

Who is your favorite type of client to work with
My favorite type of client to work with would have to be the beginners. They haven’t yet developed bad habits and if they have they are easy to fix. I think its fun watching them grow into baseball players and seeing them get excited when they hit balls harder than they have before. Another reason I like working with beginners is I like to break them out of their shells and get them to open up a little bit so they can be themselves when they’re playing this fun game!

In which area do you excel the most in your job?
I would have to say communicating to the kids in a way that they can comprehend and understand what I’m trying to get them to accomplish. I like them to keep the swing as simple as possible so I don’t overwhelm them with complicated terms and get their minds going crazy.

When did you start working for DiamondFit Performance? 
I started working at DiamondFit in July of 2015 as a Strength and Conditioning intern.

What sports have you played?
Played baseball…
Permian High School
Cisco Junior College 2011-2012
NC State University 2012-2015

Degrees, certifications, and accolades…
*Bachelors of Science in Sports Management

*High School
Captain of Permian High School baseball team senior year – 2011
First Team All-District Shortstop

*Junior College
Second-Team All-American shortstop
Freshman All-American
Conference Player of the Year

NC State
2013 College World Series Appearance

Tell us something about yourself!
Went to the high school in the movie Friday Night Lights! Outside of work I like to see how far I can hit a golf ball, hang out with friends, and try to teach my dog cool tricks.

Where are you from?
Odessa, TX