Personal Training

One-on-one coaching for a variety of beginner to elite athletes with various sports backrounds. Customized programs by our professional strength staff to enhance your athletic performance goals.

What we offer?

DiamondFit Performance offers an unparalleled, individualized strength training experience.  Helping bridge the gap between high school and collegiate athletics, DiamondFit Performance offers four performance levels of strength training classes based on movement screenings, training age, and physical maturity. Don’t be detered by our emphasis on baseball! We provide specialized training for all athletes. Contact us for further details on our strength training and personal training programs.

Why spend time in the gym?

Our year round strength training is meticulously programmed to take all athletes to the next level.


Ground Based Multi-Joint Movements- The body must function as a unit in order to produce the maximum amount of force in the shortest amount of time. By focusing on multi-joint movements we are able to recruit the greatest amount of fast twitch fibers while enhancing neuromuscular coordination, balance, and kinesthetic awareness.

Unilateral Movements- By focusing on unilateral movements we are able to create symmetry that not only helps to prevent injury, but also transfers to the playing surface, as most sports are rarely played with both feet on the ground at the same time.

Prehabilitation- Knowing the areas which are at high risk of injury for baseball and focusing on that area with methods of mobility, stability, and corrective exercises to create a more efficient movement pattern which, in turn, reduces the risk of injury.  Each athlete may be at greater risk for injury than others in certain areas, this is where we become individualized in our programming.  Using the Functional Movement Screen we can identify group trends and individual asymmetries, which will allow for a more productive program for each individual athlete.

Movement Progressions – The objective behind our movement progression is quality over quantity.  Each exercise that we teach has a progression from simple to complex, in which the athlete must be proficient in the first movement before progressing to a more complex movement.  Our main focuses are posture, stability, and mobility for each exercise.

Speed of Movement – The nervous system is the key in the ability for training to transfer to the playing surface. The nervous system must be able to perform at a rate that is consistent with the rate at which it will be called upon during competition.

Individualization – Each athlete, whether it is training age, kinesthetic awareness, or medical history, will be different. Therefore, we take an individualized approach through screening, and performance testing to not only reduce the risk of injury but also allow the athlete to reach their genetic potential to enhance sport performance.

Periodization – Through careful planning we use different training methods, movements, volumes, and intensities throughout the season to continue to spur adaptation to peak the athletes for their competitive season.

What is the cost?

Training is available year round. Please contact us to learn about our membership opportunities.


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