Ashley Denton Bio

When did you start working for DFP?
I have been an employee of DFP since the fall of 2017, but I have been around the organization since its inception. Drew and I both opened our businesses together in same location in the spring of 2012. The growth and success of DFP has been an important part of my life ever since its opening day.

High school, college, current sports…
In high school I played basketball, ran hurdles, and I was a cheerleader. As life would have it, the one sport I wasn’t interested in continuing past high school was the one sport that offered me a full ride scholarship. I took that offer and became a collegiate cheerleader and fell in love with competing on an all-girl’s cheerleading squad. About 6 years after college I discovered CrossFit. I was a competitive CrossFit athlete and Weightlifter for quite a few years. I made a few trips to Regionals both as an individual competitor and as part of a team. I have also won a few local and state Weightlifting competitions as well. I consider Olympic Weightlifting to be my passion. It’s a high skill sport that requires a lot from its athletes both physically and mentally. I love that it’s a contrasting mix of knowing when to be patient and when to be all out explosive.

Degrees, certifications, accolades
Owner of North Raleigh CrossFit
Bachelor’s in Business Administration
Minors in Management, Psychology, and H.P.E.R.
CrossFit Level 2
USAW Level 1
CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certified

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
When I am not at work I love spending time at home. I’m a big homebody. However, I’m working on purchasing a bow so I can spend some quality time out in the woods target shooting. Nature is pretty awesome, and there are quite a few things about shooting a bow that remind me of Weightlifting, so it’s a win win. 😊

Where are you from?
Heavener, Oklahoma