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Online Training and Development From DiamondFit Performance

Train with us remotely!

DiamondFit Performance is excited to offer two remote programming options for individuals who are unable to train at any of our locations. 

Basic Remote coaching is 100% on the Bridge Athletic app with an initial movement screen, customized monthly programs, continuous evaluations, video instruction, nutrition guidance, and interaction with a DiamondFit Sports Performance Coach. This membership is month-to-month.

Remote Plus offers the same as our Basic Remote with the option to train in house at one of our facilities once a week. The Remote Plus has three contract lengths: 3, 6, and 12 months.

DiamondFit Performance Remote Programming

Program Foundations

Customized Monthly Programs

Each training block has been designed around your competitive schedule on an annual basis. All of our blocks are programmed in 4 week increments with individualized percentage tracking. This ensures periodization, proper technique, and speed of movement for any given sport and athlete. To help facilitate injury prevention and enhanced sport performance, your program will have personalized prehabilitative exercises based upon your sport, and corrective exercises based on your initial movement screen.

Continuous Evaluations

Evaluations will be conducted in each block with a “testing set”. For the testing set you will need to share a video of your lift at the prescribed weight/reps to ensure proper feedback on technique and speed of movement. An athlete profile will be made for you and used to track your progress, and specific measure such as bodyweight, broad jump, squat, deadlift, and floor press/bench press.

Video Instruction

Each block of training will be equipped with a video playlist of each exercise on the program with proper technique, coaching cues, and demonstration.

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