Skill Development Program

DiamondFit Performance Skill

DiamondFit Skill

DiamondFit Skill is built upon the foundations of our Strength and Speed programs. Reaction time, timing, and accuracy will naturally improve when mobility, stability, neuromuscular control, and speed of movement are increased. DiamondFit Skill helps you develop individual skill requirements for our members to perform at a high level.


DiamondFit Skill

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Time for you to take the next step in your strength workout development?

DiamondFit Skill

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Our process begins with a Functional Movement Screening which is performed at one of our locations. This allows the DiamondFit Performance team to identify what level a potential incoming member is performing at and identify any immediate gaps. We have a strict NO “trying stuff” policy that is put in place to protect our members from potentially injuring themselves.

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