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Our High-Performance Treadmill program, along with our strength program, focuses on correct movement first, which translates to better performance and improves skills on the playing surface. In order to achieve this, the program utilizes both high speed and high incline to force the athlete in to correct positioning for power production during a run. The goal of the program is to improve neurological functions such as coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance, along with improving the anaerobic threshold and stamina of the athlete. Overall, with improving these skills, the athlete will experience greater power output through increased strength by learning and practicing proper running mechanics throughout the program.


DiamondFit Speed

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DiamondFit Speed

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Our process begins with a Functional Movement Screening which is performed at one of our locations. This allows the DiamondFit Performance team to identify what level a potential incoming member is performing at and identify any immediate gaps. We have a strict NO “trying stuff” policy that is put in place to protect our members from potentially injuring themselves.

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