Strength Training Program

DiamondFit Performance Strength

DiamondFit Performance Strength

Strength training has many physiological effects, first and most importantly neurological adaptations. Neural adaptions to strength training will improve intra and intermuscular coordination. Through proper teaching of technique and programming, the nervous system will learn the movement and become extremely efficient with the energy transfer through the kinetic chain. With consistent and proper training, the nervous system will be able to synchronize the recruitment of motor units while increasing the firing rate to express more strength. Due to the enhancement of the contraction capacity, the body will be able to function at an increased speed of movement.


DiamondFit Performance Strength

Stability, Flexibility, Mobility

Neuromuscular Control


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DiamondFit Performance Strength

Our process begins with a complimentary movement assessment. This allows DiamondFit Performance to identify which performance level to place our members, as well as identify any possible movement pattern inefficiencies.

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